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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is HrGird?

    HrGird is an online Human Resource Management System. With HrGird you can manage all your Human Resource activities online with no specific installation. All you need is a device to connect to internet with browser and you are good to go.

    2. How long does it needs to set up HrGird for my organization?

    With easy to setup features, you can get started with HrGird in just a few clicks.

    3. Is HrGird software version specific?

    No, HrGird is not software version specific. Whenever a new version of HrGird is released clients of HrGird automatically get subscribed to the new version.

    4. Do I need to purchase new IT infrastructure for HrGird?

    No, all you need is a computer device; whether it may be tablet, mobile, laptop or desktop with a good internet connectivity and you could get going.

    5. Is my data safe? How often can I access it?

    Yes, you can absolutely be sure about the safety of your data. With an extremely secured array of server hosted across the globe, you’ll get surety and security of your data 24 X 7 X 365

    6. Do you provide any training & support?

    Yes, you can get a training session through web conferencing and our support engineers can provide you support anytime you need. And if you want, HrGird is happy to assist you in face-to-face training. So you can get round support through web conferencing, email, phone or in person.

    7. Do you provide free trial period?

    Yes, HrGird provides a trial period of 15 days. Within this period you can evaluate HrGird; you can get full support from HrGird; you can contact HrGird if you have any suggestion or need any modification tailored to your needs.

    8. Are there any limitations in trial version?

    No, when you sign up for trial version, you get all the full functional HrGird webapp. During this trial period you can evaluate HrGird and can get full support from HrGird team.

    9. Can I stop using HrGird after purchasing subscription? Is there any cancellation fees you charge?

    You can stop using HrGird at any time you want. There is no long term obligation on client to use HrGird. We don’t charge any cancellation fees.

    10. Can I get subscription of HrGird with lump sum amount?

    No, HrGird is offered to its clientele via subscription, which need to get renewed periodically. Visite our pricing page for more info on HrGird pricing.

    HRGird is a modern, web based, comprehensive easy to use Human Resource Management software for forward thinking organizations. HRGird helps HR managers & business owners to save their time significantly by making all day to day HR management processes digital, paperless, automated, so that they use the time they have saved as a result of using HRGird, to do what really matters for their businesses & not on they doing traditional paper based clerical HR management processes daily.

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