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    Why should we use SaaS

    Below are 8 reasons because of which it does not make sense for you to ignore a SaaS product which can help you run your business easily -

    (1) Ready to use - A user ID and password is all you need for you and your team start using a SaaS solution. A good SaaS vendor will not only do initial hand holding and train you on basic aspects which will make you capable to use the SaaS solution but also will provide great product support.

    (2) Free product upgrades - Unlike a desktop software which have costs associated with upgrades a SaaS solution does not normally attract any additional costs for new product upgrades released by the SaaS Vendor.

    (3) No licence costs - A SaaS solution will not need you to pay anything for licensing since it does not work with a licensing module which normally apply to desktop software's.

    (4) Flexibility to match your growing business needs - You get the flexibility to change your subscription plans with your SaaS vendor to match your growing needs.

    (5) Ease of data retrieve-ability - In the case of a scenario where you lose your business data at your physical location you which you have earlier used while running your SaaS solution can be easily retrieved with the help of your SaaS solution service provider.

    (6) Ease of switching solution providers - Since you pay only for what you use when you are using a SaaS solution, you have the great flexibility to cancel your product usage subscription with a service provider and start using other SaaS solution.

    (7) Free product support - Product support is entirely the responsibility of your SaaS Vendor and for you staying with him a good SaaS Vendor will always provide you quick product support.

    (8) Flexibility to work anywhere - Internet is now omnipresent and you need not manage your business easily and efficiently by sticking to your desk (or) office premises since a great SaaS solution can help you run the business on the go.

    HRGird is a modern, web based, comprehensive easy to use Human Resource Management software for forward thinking organizations. HRGird helps HR managers & business owners to save their time significantly by making all day to day HR management processes digital, paperless, automated, so that they use the time they have saved as a result of using HRGird, to do what really matters for their businesses & not on they doing traditional paper based clerical HR management processes daily.

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